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What about shipping? From Artilighting

For small batches, by air or express such as TNT, UPS, DHL, FedEx will be fast and cheap because we have favorable discount, especially TNT for EU countries and UPS for USA. For larger ones by the container. Please don't forget that we have our own logistics company that can help you handle w...

What about delivery date? From Artilighting

Generally speaking, 1-3 days for samples, 4-7 days if quantity less than 1000pcs.

How to order and make payment? From Artilighting

We will send Proforma Invoice to you according to your requirements, you can pay via TT bank transfer, Western Union or PayPal as you like.

What is silicone? From Artisilicone

Silicone is a unique synthetic polymer. Unlike all other polymers it is based on the element silicon.

What silicone product categories do you specialize in? From Artisilicone

Main products: 1. Silicone wristband2. Silicone slap band3. Silicone bottle cap4. Silicone luggage tag

How many types of silicone wristbands are there? From Artisilicone

Three,printed wristband、debossed wristband and embossed wristband

What printing silicone wristband methods do you support? From Artisilicone

We have two methods print, silk screen print and CMYK

What is debossed silicone wristband? From Artisilicone

Debossed wristband is a where the logo is engraved into the band. If you wish to have the logo in a different color then you will need to select the color filled wristbands.

What is embossed silicone wristband? From Artisilicone

Embossed wristbands are where the logo is lifted on the wristbands.

Can I customize silicone wristbands with a different color than the popular colors? From Artisilicone

Yes, you can choose your favorite color in Pantone Color.

Would silicone slap band be custom designs? From Artisilicone

Yes, our company has more than 10 professional designer, they can help you do your own design.

What is the size of silicone wristband? From Artisilicone

The standard size is: 202mm X 12mm X 2mm , 202mm X 20mm X 2mm .And if you want a customized size, we can do that as well. However you will find the above are our most popular sizes.